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Kevin & Robin Books Ltd., a Canadian publisher, provides quality children’s literature that enriches learning, and promotes equity, diversity, inclusiveness and character education. Our culturally diverse stories are original, unique and inspiring. We celebrate excellence in everyone.

Our books:
- Reinforce reading and writing skills. 
- Deal with social and cultural issues, and provoke higher-level thinking.
- Offer humorous touches that make reading fun, and motivate further interest in reading.

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If you wish to purchase books directly from us, you may place an order by mail, email, phone or fax and pay by cheque or credit card online through PayPal. We will send you an invoice with the total cost, and ship your order out as soon as your payment clears. Canadian residents add 5% GST. No tax to foreign destinations.

Chung K. Leung
President & Publisher

“I write to surprise, delight and inspire.”

   "One doesn't have to be crazy to be a good writer..., but it helps."

– Ruowen Wang

Ruowen Wang is an accomplished author of a number of outstanding children’s books. She taught English as a Second Language as a specialist for ten years, and also operated a learning centre for young children. Her passionate interest in children’s literature has led Ruowen to focus on the writing culturally diverse stories for children, as well as promoting gender equality and multiculturalism through children’s literature. Ruowen lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two children. Please visit Ruowen's personal website at 

If you can read Chinese or someone can help you understand it, please visit Tianjin Daily at:

Ruowen’s books are available in many public libraries.

Wei Xu is an award-winning artist from China. He has been working as a chief designer in an advertising company for more than ten years and has both illustrated and designed books for many well-known writers in China. Wei Xu lives in Toronto, Canada.

Xiaoyan Zheng is an artist, editor and graphic designer. Influenced by her father, the famous artist and professor, Zhen Zheng, Xiaoyan has dedicated her life to the arts, and has obtained both her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Fine Arts. Her works have been featured in many national and international exhibitions, and hang in museums and several art galleries. Xiaoyan lives with her family in

Hechen Yu is a renowned artist from China. His award-winning art works have been featured in many art books and magazines. He has also been feature in the Chinese Famous Artists’ Archives. Hechen Yu lives in Toronto, Canada.

Leslie C. Smith, writer/editor, is past president of the Toronto Chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) and currently a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC).


1. Zigzoon - Selected The Best Books for Kids and Teens 2008 by the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

2. The Hidden Treasure - Selected The Best Books for Kids and Teens 2008 by the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

3. To Share One Moon - Rated five starts by Midwest Book Review.

4. Little Wen - Rated five starts by Midwest Book Review. 

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