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For Parents
Dear Parents:

Not only your children enjoy quality story books, family and friends enjoy fine books as gifts, schools and libraries appreciate book donations too.

Some schools have Birthday Bookclub that encourages parents to donate books on their children’s birthday. If your school does not have a Birthday Bookclub, start one with our books. It would be nice if a book donation made in your name or the name of your children remains in the library for many years to come and shared by many children.

If you'd prefer to buy our books in a local store but the store does not carry them, you can always ask the store to order for you. You can talk to any store that sells books. Even drugstores carry books nowadays.

Remember, you can always borrow books from your children's school or local library. If they do not carry our books, you can suggest them to purchase copies. All libraries try to meet their patrons' needs. Toronto Public Library has a NEW ENGLISH TITLE SUGGESTION form for the public to fill out. For sure other libraries have something similar to serve their patrons. Just ask.

When you speak to a local store, your children's school or a local library, you will need the book's title, its ISBN and the author's name.
Our online brochure has all the information you need. You may print it off to bring with you.

Good luck. Thank you for your support.