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Author: Ruowen Wang


Contact the Publisher or the Author

Phone: 416-931-0268

Fax: 416-496-1357


Try to contact the publisher or the author at least 4 months in advance. If this is a last minute call, check with the author to see when she has a “free spot" on her schedule. When you contact the author, tell her your teaching objectives, the topic or theme you have in mind, the size and age of the group (s). And discuss the honorariums, see guide below.

Get Confirmation

The publisher will send you a confirmation letter spelling out the terms of your agreement, including the honorarium, date of visit, number of sessions, book sales, and other details. (Author should be paid on the day of the visit.)

Preparing for the Presentation
  1. Send parents a newsletter announcing the event. Have the school librarian order enough copies of the author's books and display them four or five weeks in advance. Make sure the students have read the author's books and prepare a list of questions to ask the author. 
  2. Arrange to have the author’s brochures, posters and other promotional materials shipped to your schools as soon as possible. Post signs and flyers around the schools to spread the word that the author is coming.
  3. Author visits that include book-signing events create much enthusiasm and add more excitement. Have students pay for the books beforehand so that no money will have to be exchanged at the event.
  4. If your event is in the evening, Ruowen may bring a laptop and a projector. Make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby, and an extension cord, just in case. Ruowen will need a table and a screen set up in a shaded area, before her arrival. A microphone is needed if the group is large.
Maximum Audience Size:

JK & SK: One class

Grade 1 – 2: One class

Grade 3 – 4: up to 30

Grade 5 – 6: up to 40

Grade 5 – 6: up to 40

Grade 7– 8: up to 50

Adults - up to 100


For Children: 45 – 60 minutes depending on children’s age.

Maximum Presentations
Full Day: 4 
Half Day: 2
For Adults - Workshops: 1.0 to 1.5 hours

Sessions Per Day: 2- 3


One performance -
$250 + GST
Half date rate, up to two performances - $400 + GST
Three performances in same day - $550 + GST
Four performances in same day - $650 + GST

Public Libraries: $250 minimum for one session (45 to 60 minutes). This is based on the Canada Council rate. $250 for single presentations, $400 for two presentations (half a day).

$700 for four presentations, or two presentations and a workshop (full day).

Conferences and workshops: In the range of $400 to $1000. Because these talks have to be written specifically to address a conference theme or workshop topic, they require a great deal of preparation time, and therefore command a larger fee.

For all of the above, GST and travel expenses are over and above the presentation fee.

   How to invite an author to school, and make it
affordable and successful?
  1. Have fun fund-raising. Host a craft fair, bake sale, or organizing  a mini book show/sale.
  2. It is even better if you happen to have a book fair. 10% of the sales of Ruowen’s books will be used to reduce the honorariums.
  3. If your school can arrange to have some media coverage to help promote the author’s books, we will offer you $100 credit (no cash value) to help reduce your honorarium pay. Please discuss this with the author in advance if you plan to do so. Email:
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General Domestic Shipping Cost Guide- 2009
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Shipping Rates for Small Parcels:
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Provinces No. of business days Initial Rate Each Additional Copy
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Saskatchewan 6 business days $12.00 $1.00
Yukon 15 business days $14.00 $1.00

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Here are the a few wholesalers that work with us: Library Services Centre, S&B Books Ltd., Coutts Library Service Limited, National Book Service, Library Bone Inc., and Whithots, just to name a few.